The High-Scope Preschool Curriculum

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The High-Scope Curriculum integrates social-emotional learning content with other academic areas and gives children daily opportunities to practice skills such as emotional self-regulation and problem-solving. Teachers further support social development by helping children learn how to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

A comprehensive approach that supports lifetime benefits for families and children. A reliable and effective research-based curriculum that meets;

State early learning standards
The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework
NAEYC developmentally appropriate practice guidelines

Adults apply intentional teaching practices by;

Planning developmentally appropriate activities
Supporting and extending children’s learning
Providing materials that reflect children’s interests and home culture
Actively engaging children through direct experiences in pursuit of shared learning goals
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Children’s interests and choices are at the heart of High-Scope programs. By making plans and following through on their intentions, children are taking the first step in the learning process and constructing their own knowledge through interactions with the world around them.

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A Sneak Peak of a Day in the Classroom

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Development of Gross Motor Skills:
To help children better develop their gross motor skills each class has 2 daily sessions of outdoor play on our playground. There they can climb, slide, and run or if they prefer the quitter side of the outdoors they can join us in our garden where we grow organic, pesticide free vegetables, and beautiful flowers.
When the weather temperatures are too extreme for outdoor play we have the luxury of a spacious and safe gymnasium! In our newly renovated gym we are able to work on our tumbling, jumping, climbing, balance and so much more! For safety we have 1-inch thick mats covering the floor and then use professional grade gymnastics mats for all of our tumbling fun!

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Smart Board Technology

Our Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and Kindergarten classrooms have Smartboards which are used throughout the day. These interactive displays help students develop their computer skills, and provide interactive opportunities that a traditional white board, black board or flip chart can’t.

Hands-On Learning
Only available on SMART Boards, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees students to work together on a group project or complete separate tasks at the same time. Everyone is able to jump in using pens, erasers, and fingertips. Students are able to practice writing their names or favorite letters or play an educational interactive game with ease using the Smart Board. Teachers love how simple it is to create games and help children appreciate technology with the Smart Board.

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Science and Exploration

Every child loves to be a scientist and our students have a blast in the Science Area. Students are able to sort and classify animals with puzzles, card matching games, and models of various animals. Searching for clues with a magnifying glass, learning how magnets are able to stick to metal surfaces, and exploring natural objects such as rocks and shells are just a part of our science exploration. Even the tiniest of scientist can find something exciting to explore in each classrooms Sand and Water Tables.

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Block Area

Building tall towers is only the beginning of what your child can make in the Block Area. With large wooden unit blocks in each classroom, students develop their spatial awareness, work on problem-solving skills, and let their creativity shine! Studies suggest that toy blocks can help children develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, flexibility, language skills, a capacity for creative, divergent thinking, social competence, and engineering skills. There is also evidence that complex block-play is linked with higher mathematical achievement.

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Arts and Crafts:

Students are able to express their inner artist through a variety of art mediums such as paint, glitter, play dough, stickers, crayons, stencils, feathers, googly eyes, and more! Arts and crafts help children to develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The creative arts also offers children a way to express themselves, especially when they are unable to tell us verbally, encourages experimentation with various techniques and art mediums, and also helps cognitive development.

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Special Events and Field Trips

We have numerous fun and educational events throughout the year! In the Fall we go on hay rides and pumpkin picking. To celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America we visit the Clifton Library. We also visit Absolutely Fish and have special visitors to our school like the Fire Department, Otto the Auto, and Muscle Man Mike just to name a few!
Our school is also a proud to run a Thanksgiving food drive for St. Peters Haven a Clifton Food Bank that serves the local Clifton area. We also do a penny race for P.O.A.C.(Parents of Autistic Children) every Spring.

Daily Parent Teacher Communication Portal Updates

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Here at Bright Start Academy, we understand that for your child to succeed it is important to have parents involved. Bright Start uses leading-edge technology to keep parents connected to their children. Tadpoles® gives parents an incomparable way for staying in touch with how their child is performing and what they’re learning every day.

How teachers use Tadpoles®:

  • To log your child’s educational achievements or send reminders during the day.
  • Provide information about your child’s daily activities, meals, naps and bathroom times.
  • Share special moments with parents by sending photos or video clips.

How parents use Tadpoles®:

  • Read messages from your child’s teacher or leave one of your own, which is delivered straight to your center’s director.
  • Track your child’s milestones and see what they’re learning.